In my role as North American Regional Manager for Mindshop, I lead Mindshop’s continued growth in North America providing business advisory support tools, coaching and training to accounting firms and independent advisers. I will also be supporting the success of existing North American Mindshop advisers as they implement advisory services in their local markets. I am also an Accredited Mindshop Facilitator. Learn more about our Growth Hubs and Academy Groups below.



CLO's Growth Hubs


As a business owner or manager, you understand the importance of innovative thinking and practical business tools to optimize performance in this fast-paced world. With CLO's Growth Hubs we ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest innovative ideas.

Five reasons to get involved

1. Avoid wasting time at ‘talk-fest’, ‘no action’ workshops

2. Discover new tools and processes to use in your businesses

3. Hear from experienced facilitators who aren’t there to push a barrow 

4. Learn what’s working and what’s not from like-minded business people

5. Be exposed to the latest trends in high performing businesses

What’s involved

1. Quarterly ½ day practical workshops

2. Peer group collaboration

3. Workshops delivered by experienced facilitators

4. Practical tools and methodologies to embed in your business

5. Powered by Mindshop (global training / consulting network)

Shape your strategies and plans for the year ahead

Topics Covered


Continuous Improvement



Time Management 

Strategic Planning 



Problem- Solving 

Listening Skills 

Change Success 





Profitable Growth 


Managing Millennials 


Management and much more… 


Business Academy

CLO's Academy Groups

Learning and development is critical to the ongoing success of an organisation, but many programs are too prescriptive, or don’t directly relate to the pressing issues your employees face on a daily basis.

Academy Groups are a combination of action-orientated online and face-to-face training, combined with coaching and community support. Academy Groups address the direct learning and development objectives of participants while extending commercial benefits to the wider organisation.

  1. Commercially focused programs ensure participants learn by doing, driving internal improvements during the learning process
  2. Tailored to address real skill gaps and achieve specific commercial needs
  3. Attraction and retention of future leaders flow from exceptional learning and development programs
  4. Accessing the experience and problem solving skills of  a senior business coach rather than a junior facilitator brings immediate commercial benefits 
  5. Participants learn just-in-time when and where they  want, using a combination of online learning, webinars and face-to-face workshops
  6. Implementation of a common methodology set extends benefits to the wider organisation delivering a cohesive approach to problem solving, strategy development and access to a myriad of tools, templates and online courses 
  7. Powered by Mindshop leveraging 25 years of expertise and experience in online learning and development solutions
  8. Individual accountability and improved probability of strategy implementation success is achieved by embedding Mindshop Online into day to day learning practices

Four Components of Success

  1. Learning and Development Platform
  2. Training
  3. One-on-one coaching support
  4. Peer Community

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